Virtual Event: An Interview with Vu Thao of Kilomet 109

Lauren and I recently co-hosted an event in Los Angeles with Vu Thao, the designer/owner of Kilomet 109. We interviewed Thao about her brand and design philosophy (literally a fireside chat!) and thought we’d share some excerpts of that conversation here for those not able to attend.

If you have any questions for Thao, just post them below!


In this first excerpt from our live interview with @ThaoVu, she shares how her early career as a journalist actually paved the way to becoming a fashion designer.

This is fantastic! Thanks for doing this, Justin.

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Thank you for making this. Sorry to you & Lauren that I have been being behind the door since I’ve got back from trip & trip.

Hope you are doing well and LA better treating you nice,

All the best from Hanoi


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