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Hello, I’m Regina Dejimenez, textile artist and designer from Spain. Here you can check my website: www.reginadejimenez.com
My personal research is focused on the expressive possibilities textiles have from a theoretical, poetic and artistic point of view. I explore the limits between Art, Craft and Design.
I personally view as textile structures that build layers.
If you think about it there are thousands of unseen of symbolic and touchable layers that make up the visible world. The inside of our bodies create our organs, the skin retains these organs and the clothes we wear are the layers we choose collectively, creating a human society lives in a big hich planetary ecological system. I would like to dive in to the micro and macro weft to admire and share the details of this reality.

Hey All,

Am Arky a technologist and visual storyteller based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I spent over a decade working with various non profit organization such as Braille Without Borders , NGO Resource Center and for Mozilla’s Localization team in Africa and Southeast Asia.

For the past four years I have been documenting social, cultural and conservation issues in Southeast Asia: from spirit mediums, transgender community in Cambodia, to Mekong river activists in Thailand and biologists exploring the last rain-forests in Sumatra.

You can view some of my @playingwithsid on Instagram.